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Welcome to the online home of Seth R. Nelson, P.A., a family law firm serving the Tampa, Florida region. If you’re here, you’re probably going through a difficult time. We’re here to help. If this is the first step of your legal journey, feel free to look around our site. We have a helpful list of clients’ frequently asked questions, as well as a simple walkthrough of the divorce process.

We focus on family and divorce law, and can legally serve any Florida resident. Some of our specific services are:

For divorces: We offer full legal consultation and representation, as well as mediation services for parties who feel there won’t be any major legal battles.

For kids, but not marriage:
We’ll work with you to develop a parenting plan, schedule for where the child(ren) spend their time, and a child-support payment arrangement.

For changes to the divorce’s terms:
In the event of a major lifestyle change (loss of job, new financial burdens), a party may request that the alimony, child support, or child(ren)’s timesharing schedule be altered. We can help you resolve this dispute.

For domestic violence:
Cases that involve domestic violence are often the most emotionally charged, and can have more severe consequences than regular cases. We’ll help you navigate this delicate time, from filing an injunction to dealing with allegations of abuse.

It doesn’t always have to be painful to get a divorce. Florida is a “no fault” state, meaning that if both parties agree on the major terms of the divorce, a simple procedure (mediation, followed by a one-step petition) can dissolve a marriage in as little as a few weeks. We frequently work with no-fault cases, and have extensive experience with the mediation process.

When facing divorce, a dedicated lawyer is paramount. Seth Nelson is such a lawyer, and is committed to to peaceful resolutions. Unlike other law firms, Seth Nelson will personally handle your case, and will walk you through the divorce process from beginning to end. He has been serving the Tampa region for over 12 years, and his practice has been given a rating of 9.5 out of 10 by the prestigious Avvo © Attorney Ratings. Seth Nelson’s personal touch has earned him the respect of his peers and the love of his clients:

“From beginning to end, he was always committed to our case, kept us informed and was extremely reliable…Without reservation, I recommend him highly.”

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